Moving a high traffic ZF1 Enterprise Application to SF2 - Lessons learned


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It would be great if your code examples were much larger and white background with black text. Highlighting blocks was good though.

Thanks for the talk, I learned alot.

+1 on more legible code blocks.

Interesting content, interesting use-case. Good open-source contributions.

I still do not understand how Hautelook can be pronounced like Outlook and not like Haute-Couture... this bothers me.

Dark code on dark background was not ideal, even if it was not supposed to be read, my curiosity got frustrated. I would also have enjoyed more insight on the migration process, from the organisational point of view.

Interesting talk, the code was not very legible tough (blue font and blue background in some parts).

Interesting talk and I agree with all the other commenters here: that dark theme that looks slick on your laptop screen does not translate to a large projected screen.

I'd advise the organizers to provide that tip to future presenters.

I really enjoyed this talk. The speaker covered plenty of tools and best practices to add to your arsenal (even for non-enterprise folks).

i think he gave me good insights on what to do when porting applications