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Anonymous at 06:45 on 6 Nov 2015

- Several really good talks
- Great food selection, something conferences can struggle with.

- The conference ended up only being one track, despite the website showing it as two tracks even on the day of. No one could bother to go update the site?
- Location was not great - room was too small for the number of people, and had no tables for laptops during talks. The room next door was so noisy during some talks I saw the audience constantly looking over at the "door".
- Organizers and so many speakers so often speaking French around an English speaking audience makes people feel left out. If you want more involvement in Symfony in the US, it will help if you make people feel more welcome. Maybe that's not a goal for Symfony, I don't know.

For a tenth anniversary, the whole thing seemed very low key. I don't see any reason to attend again next year, sorry.

Really had a fantastic time. The Heroku event was great. Having it away from the event made it more difficult for me to just leave. As a result, I forced myself to meet more people than I would normally. Well done.