Twin Cities Drupal Camp is a four-day conference, held annually in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Every Drupal Camp features keynote speakers, sessions, code sprints, great parties, and lots of networking.

Friday 8th June 2018

Developing a Culture of Mentorship
Talk by Tessa Kriesel (30 minutes)

It’s easy to spend your entire day, heads down, coding projects without thinking twice about other developers around you. We often get too absorbed with completing our immediate deadlines to spend any time considering the future of our projects, the future of our teams. By not mentoring new developers we are failing our future. We are failing at providing new developers with the industry experience they need to be a one-day successful candidate for our teams. Let’s talk about ways we can contribute to mentoring new developers in our teams and in our communities.

A Drupaler's Guide To Marketing
Talk by Drew Gorton (1 hour)

Those of us planning, designing, building or supporting Drupal for others are increasingly working for people who see that work through the lens of Marketing. This session will start by looking at the big picture of what's happening in the web market (Wix, WordPress, Sitecore, etc.), where Drupal fits today and how that evolution involves marketing professionals. Put another way, if Drupal is becoming the tool for Ambitious Digital Experiences, those experiences are paid for by Marketing budgets. If you’ve come to Drupal via tech ("Come for the code" as we like to say) you might not have an intuitive grasp of the language and concerns of marketing professionals. This session will explain what Marketers do (it’s different than Sales!), how they do it and what matters to them. Come to this session for an overview of Drupal in the web market, a primer on marketing terms (MQLs, CTAs, Funnels, ...), marketing needs (NNN, CTR, Conversions, …) and competing marketing technologies (there are zillions!). You will leave this session with a better understanding why marketers matter to Drupal professionals, what motivates our marketing colleagues, what they care about and how to make your work more relevant and valuable to them.