Best and Worst Practices Building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)


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Nice highlevel discussion of RIA development. I'm currently working on a GWT applicaiton and found that your points work equally well for that environment.

This was a nice, technology agnostic overview of do's and don'ts of RIA development. Personally, I would have liked to start with the "top 10 don'ts", which would set the stage better for _why_ the top 10 "do's" are such good practices.

I love top ten lists, and I really enjoyed this one, too. Some really great ideas where discussed, and I'm sure that I'm going to ponder these while I start a new RIA project over the next couple of weeks, which implementatation starting over the summer. The presentation was really fluid and engaging. Unfortunately, the "Top Ten" format has a problem, which is that I somehow feel at the end that I wanted more depth than what the quick fire nature of the style permits.

This was a useful one in covering the good and bad things to do. I found out that I was doing a bunch of the good stuff just by dumb luck. Of course, I'm doing some of the bad stuff too, so I guess I need to do some work..

This session was a bit disappointing, I was hoping for more emphasis on clean and simple technologies, but mostly saw stuff that as a disabled user I'll never be able to interact with. Good session but I'd have liked to have seen a session with a wider appeal - this is open source after all, we're usually inclusive