This is an opportunity to sit down with an experienced ZF architect for a hands-on session where we'll build an application from the ground up. Starting with Zend_Tool, we'll build a basic MVC application in Zend Framework over the course of the tutorial. Along the way we'll delve deeper into some of the most powerful areas of the framework with routing, data access, forms and caching all being covered in some depth. By the end of the session you will have seen and used the key framework areas and be ready to apply these skills to your own applications.


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This talk is definitely geared towards people with zero experience with Zend Framework, which the speaker announced before the talk. Rob was very interactive with the group, even answered my Provider question during the break. Great demonstration on how to structure your ZF application. I feel the section on routing was very bare and deserved a "little" more insight. Overall great intro talk on Zend Framework.

Good scattershot primer on various aspects of the zend framework... I will have to attend the zend form talk tomorrow to get a bit more.

Helpful to people like me with no prior experience with zend framework, but a fair amount of familiarity with mvc.

Haven't ever used Zend Framework, but understand MVC. This was a great overview of the framework. Looking forward to trying it out as an alternative to CakePHP.

Very thorough, well-organized overview of ZF with deeper forays into several aspects of it. Started out with an inspiring slide that shows all the tools/components that you'll have at your fingertips once you get past the initial learning curve. Rob obviously knows this stuff inside and out, and is a great presenter. He fielded lots of questions throughout the talk from folks of very different levels of familiarity with the material and was very thorough in his answers. There was a lot packed into a few hours. If he were doing a few days to a week of training locally on the same material I'd be there!

Helped answer quite a few questions I had about Zend Framework. Great talk for people with no exposure to Zend Framework.

I am looking into using send framework and after listening to rob, I think ge has helped me settle on it fir my project.