Getting Git


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As a newcomer to Git, knowing nothing about it, did not know what to expect. Thought it was a good introduction to Git, but will definitely try to attend a longer version of the talk when have the opportunity. Definitely liked parts of Git that Travis talked about and will be trying it out.

Excellent introduction to git. Despite having used it myself for a few months now, I still learned a few neat little tricks about commands I'd used, but for which I hadn't explored all options. I'd suggest more reinforcement of the concept of the staging area as that's a significant difference in behavior that can confuse people adjusted to using SVN. That aside, awesome job Travis!

Lots of good info. It was a great follow-up to Lorna's talk.

Travis, thank you for giving this quick intro into git. Just like elazar said, I'd learned some stuff today that I'll further investigate to put it into proper use.


Pace was quite fast, and so many things to cover. While the information was very, very good, I think it would have been good to narrow the selection a bit in order to slow the pace and cover really just the highlights users need. Perhaps even a quick survey at the beginning, asking which 5 of 10 topics the attendees want to see. :)

This talk was amazing. I finally feel like I grasp git, now time to implement it. Having this talk immediately after Lorna's SVN in a Distributed world was just perfect a perfect transition. So why 4 stars? Well it seemed like there was just soo much to cover and not enough for a 50 minute talk. I think this needs to be a 3hr tutorial in the future.

+1 for the three-hour tutorial idea (@jakefolio). Might make a really good interactive follow-along type thing.

Also.. the visuals were really well done btw. I'll have to steal that style of putting slides together if ya don't mind :)

Also liked the use of the visuals. Good, practical intro.

Good introduction to git. Wish the talk was longer.

Great intro to git. Having worked a little with git already, I appreciated some of the tips that were a bit past the entry level.