Graphs, Edges & Nodes: Untangling the Social Web


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Joël Perras knows his shit. Great info. Looking forward to the posted slides.

Great introduction to graph theory. Would liked to have seen some discussion of Linked Data (e.g. Semantic Web/RDF/RDFa).

Was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time spent discussing Redis. Great examples and just an overall fun session to listen to.

Wasn't expecting to learn about what datastores are out there - handy info.

Great topic very easily exposed, but i would have liked more details and technical info.

I'm a little biased but this was an awesome talk. My only suggestion: stepping people through actual implementations of practical examples of reasonable complexity.

Great intro to the topic (I've been reading "Programming Collective Intelligence") but it would've been better with more examples of how to actually use something like Neo4J or Redis. You had one example (friend-of-a-friend) but hard to visualize setting reasonably more complicated stuff.

Great intro for people who didn't know much about graph theory, but it was hard to connect the details of the specific datastores to practical everyday situations. I would have liked to see more examples.

I really enjoyed this one. I took classes on graph theory in college eons ago, and thought this was a great refresher. Thanks for the pointers to specific datastores and visualizer tools.

I kinda just wandered into this talk having "zero clue" what it was really about, but I'm very glad I attended. The speaker did a great job of easing everyone into the concept and shared resources to help get you started.

As I'm seeing in a lot of talks (including my own) - although the intro and how to use is great... adding use cases and real world examples would really make it interesting and useful for users (that and I want PECL extension please ;)

Thanks for all the comments everyone! I'm happy that it was well received, and I'll be updating the talk for future presentations to address some of the great feedback I've gotten.

Not sure what I was expecting from the description. I learned a lot, but was expecting something else. Maybe just tweak the talk description.

Graph theory was not something I have ever really seen before, so the beginning of the talk was great as a basic overview. I learned a great deal about this concept, but am still unsure of how it can help me in my day to day work.

Not what i expecting, but kept my interest regardless

"Joël Perras knows his shit." I'll second that. Very informative overview of graph theory that got me thinking about different ways to implement social networking functionality.