HiPHoP for PHP


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Thanks for the overview. It looks like a nice system, but it won't work for my environment (wisp).

Very interesting!

So when is the windows port coming?
Really though, interesting information, had a great time.

As I continue to think about how this can be used for our projects, so many questions come up. I hope that HiPHoP gets a lot more attention so that it will be a even more worthwhile project to continue working on. The speed increases that it offers will be very beneficial if it can be used to compile frameworks.

Good introduction to the utility and the code requirements to achieve optimal performance gains.

Some wonderful background information and very nice technical content, a speaker that (OK so I knew this already) clearly knows his stuff on so many levels. Only the occasional in-joke with the audience and slightly corporate slides stops this from getting the 5 thumbs