Lean Mean PHP Machine


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Excellent talk. Great job fostering discussion; taking questions during the talk without losing your place. Nice.

Excellent presentation. Jason is a very engaging speaker.

I missed the first portion (long night), but the part I heard was great. Most of what you discussed directly addressed things I deal with on a daily basis.

Great talk, lots of useful advice!

Great overview, and nicely presented. My take on interviews is that they may tell you something negative, but they rarely tell you something positive.

I went into this talk expecting other than what I got. (Maybe I just misunderstood the synopsis?) That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by what I did receive, which was a perspective on the "human side" of constructing a development team. Being a lover of hard-core coding and technology, this talk probably was a good thing for me to hear.

Useful perspective from a small organization without significant resources to pull it off.

I was looking more for a development practice for a one man (small team) show.

This was more about how to hire more people, or make the people you have happy. This should have been labeled more of a management session than a developer session.

That's been my biggest complaint with any of the sessions. The speakers knew what they were talking about, however the synopsis that got me to attend the session were ambiguous.

Maybe there should be a breakdown of who should attend. (examples: developers, managers, front-end, back-end, etc...)

Also a level of experience expected for the topic.

Was hoping more for individual and team productivity tips and less on hiring practices. Had to leave the session halfway through, so I may have missed it.

Sorry if the abstract wasn't clear enough. I've always felt that the majority of our hurdles have been the non-development part, so that is where I focused. I'll definitely re-work it to make it more balanced. Thanks for the feedback everyone!