Streams, Sockets and Filters - Oh My!


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Fun and informative

Very interesting look at streams by a very engaging speaker. I have the photos of bucket brigade :)

entertaining and informative. GOT to read and play more on it!

The bucket brigade demonstration was awesome. Code samples were great for reinforcing the concepts introduced. Great intro to streams if you haven't worked with them before. I think my only problem was the sheer amount of information in the presentation - it went to time, but it was dense. Seems like it would be a great tutorial.

I enjoyed this talk immensely. It was just enough information for me to go out and figure out how to practically implement this stuff on my own... which I'm going to do for all my PHP SSH connections :)

Always one of the most entertaining speakers to listen to, Elizabeth does an awesome job keeping the audience entertained while beating them over the head with what can be the most confusing and complicated subjects.

While the talk was excellent and very deserving of it's 5-rating, it really felt like it might have been better suited as a tutorial session or two separate 1 hour sessions. The basics of using the languages' built in streams was jumped through quickly, and near the end felt slightly rushed as building your own stream from scratch was covered. Given the time frame, the subject matter was covered perfectly, but I left wanting even more.

The only real complaint is that at the end, it would have been nice to see the entire completed custom stream in one full class writeup, and followed with an example of it in use. In the end it was hard to really visualize how everything learned would fit together.