The Lost Art of Simplicity


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Excellent talk, loved the illustrations on the slide. Valid points, excellent speaker and great stories.

Great talk and a great speaker. Wish you had more time though. I'd like to be able to show this presentation to all of our new software developers.

I took away a lot from your talk. A great reminder to keep the focus on the goal. Thanks.

entertaining, engaging, informative, thought provoking. I found myself falling into the wrong category to many times for my own piece of mind.

Great material, I agree with almost 100% of what Josh had to say. Great reminder of the importance of simplicity.


Awesome talk ! You sure have made some damage swinging your clue bat at the audience, but lessons learned.

Thanks for the show, it rocked !

Top notch. Thanks for the reminder that less is more.

Awesome talk! I hope somebody recorded it. If so, I'm going to make my devs watch it when I get back.

Great keynote, and good points for us all.

Well presented, though some consideration of why complexity creeps in (such as learning that bosses who ask for a number today almost always ask for another number tomorrow) would have been useful.

Great presentation!

This is, quite simply, the best keynote I've seen at a PHP conference, ever. Well done, Josh.

Great talk as always Josh. I was just telling Cal last night that Enterprise="Run it forever" but I didn't realize you were looking for those dirty little secrets :)

Amazing keynote. Encompassed what key values a keynote should have. It was compelling and really got people in the crowd to think. In this case to think about keeping things SIMPLE and to stop over-complicating, but more important perhaps, to stop scoffing our noses at simplicity as being 'bad'.

Excellent and inspiring keynote on the value and difficulty of simplicity. Loved the related quotes from historical figures. Not sure I cared for the introspective/self-answering questions style in which it was presented, but the content itself and Josh's passionate presentation was outstanding.

Great talk, wish I could get the slides to show people I work with that were unable to come.

Awesome talk, reminding people that developers for the most part still love the big and complex -- it boosts the ego!

It isn't the first time I've seen this talk but it was excellent all over again - thanks Josh :)

Outstanding presentation. Great speaker. Message was relevant to developers of all levels and technologies.

Fun talk about great material. Simplicity really has become a lost art, and Josh's wakeup call on the matter was lively and direct. Great job!

Great talk. It was nice to see someone give us a reminder that sometime things are not as complex as we like to make them.

Excellent job all around! Enjoyed it tremendously.

Eye opening talk. Will definitely adopt these approaches in my development.

While my first reaction was laughing at the use of art of a dude reaching for an 'apple' this was one hell of a keynote. It was both entertaining and informative, and really made you look at your own processes and development style to see how you could simplify everything. It was exactly the kind of talk that does a great job opening a conference such as this.

Great talk. Every point was right on!

Several times during Josh's talk I felt like I wanted to chat with him later and share some of my own stories that support his points. I think that shows that Josh was succeeding to make a connection both on substance and on style. An excellent talk.

A great talk delivered with passion and inspired one to think a lot more about the topic at hand. A must see/hear talk!

This was a great talk! I think the importance of simplicity was well outlined by Josh. If you havent seen it, you missed something.

rad. clear simple solutions are what we need. sometimes our head is too far into ssh, that we don't make eye contact with our clients. User driven design is certainly a key to professional success and happy users.

I thought that this was a very thought-provoking talk providing a clear sense of direction, and it summarized many of the issues that I've been faced to confront. The presentation conveyed a sense of passion that helped get me excited about the ideas.

My inner geek is motivated, excited, and repeatedly says "Right On! Amen brother!", but (if my inner geek has anything negative to say) it's that he's wanting more pramatic advice for those tough situations where complexity sneaks into my design and/or code.

An incredible language-agnostic look at how software should be developed. Very good keynote that points developers towards the path of simplicity, reminding us that various times the easiest answer should be the simplest one.

Excellent discussion, even though some of it was very much common sense. I don't know to many people that make apps or programs complex just because they can. Usually there is a reason behind making something more than what is necessary. Overall, a great session.

All around great opening keynote.

Fantastic talk. I'd love to explore some specific tips and ideas to do from here on all my projects.