Talk comments

Interesting talk, the way he talks is very openly and trying to engage the audience with humor. The humor itself keeps you engaged with the subject, in this case the biased person. He prepared his talk very well as you can see how he told his story.
I loved the examples in the beginning, the way of showing how different people think differently.

The message itself in the end could have been a little bit more powerful, you might grab a few more examples, the most common biased problems people are facing as a developer. And ask others how to not fall into these pitfalls, and maybe do a top 5 of these.

Overall its worth your time to listen to this speaker.

Bram Tervoort at 23:50 on 28 Sep 2016

Thanks Renato, I learned a lot and you made a dificult subject easy to understand with a good sence of humor.

Michel Everts at 20:42 on 28 Sep 2016

Very interesting talk. lighthearted and touches some important things. feels like you could easily stretch it longer