Designing Beautiful Software


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Nicely done. My code will be more beautiful using these tips.

Nice talk. Love the analogies.

!!! <3

This talk was awesome, I learnt a lot by it. The pase was slow and very clear voice. I completely agree on the craftsman analogy :)

Love this talk every time I hear/see it. Thanks for another killer presentation.

Anonymous at 15:42 on 21 Dec 2012

Fantastic analogies, loved your beautiful talk about SOLID programming and TDD.


+ Good technique to get the attention of attendees
+ Good slides
+ Voice quality/tone perfect
+ Example used was amazing - I really appreciate how you used a simple/trivial example, turning it into a craft by using OOP and patterns with clear coding


Really great talk, with good example in the latter half. I'd rate it a 5, but the analogy at the beginning was a bit overwrought. The analogy could've been made much more quickly, with more time given to the business of software craft - particularly some of the TDD bits seemed a bit abbreviated.

Thanks Matthew for this presentation. I really enjoyed it, and definitely am taking some of the points with me.

The intro was a bit long, 20 minutes :P, which is the only reason I gave this a 4* not 5, but overall it helps out understanding why you need to use the right tools for the job and how they affect designing of good code.

Maybe it would be useful to have some analogies with software tools or shuffle this a bit and have the intro shorter, dive into the presentation and then, from time to time, give an example of how a tool or technique helps you solve the problem at hand much like a tool / technique from [... insert non-software development domain here ...]


While it took me a while to actually start listening to these talks I extremely enjoyed the talk by @mwop. It shed light on why you would want to build beautiful maintainable software. I especially enjoyed the analogies on how specific tools are used for a specific purpose.

I do feel however that more time should have been spent explaining the code especially for those who are not familiar with the patterns such as service locator, etc.