From POX to HATEOAS, A Real Company’s Journey Building a RESTful API


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man please email me at [email protected], best talk on REST so far

Like the talk, great stuff and well explained. Thank you Luke!

Pretty good explanation of REST.

Great topic, and great talk Luke!

Very interesting concepts demystifying REST.

A little hint: don't count on live demoing, always keep a backup like screenshots or pre-recorded movie(s)

+ Good voice tone
+ slides were fine
+ Contents were fine

- But for some reason, I feel it was not fully rock on!

But good job on the whole!

Good explanation and nice handling of the technical difficulties.

Really think the live demo would have helped, but can't knock you on that. Overall, good information. thanks!

Great talk, good slides and pace. However unlike others I felt suddenly mystified about REST, which previously seemed fairly straightforward but now sounds like more like SOAP. Hrm. Still Luke did a good job diving into the intricacies.

As I'm working on quite a large API now, this was the talk I got the most out of in this PHP Masters volume. I liked hearing your thoughts on specific problems (the full resource body vs. 204 on creation, for example) to get my thought train running on our own work.

For me, I had hoped for some extra depth and more detail, but a conference is no place for that, of course.


Luke, I loved your talk. Especially loved how you talked about the history of challenges you faced in the growth of your architecture and schema for supported API's. My preferred dialect is JSON-LD but the exposure to your approach and your testimony about the reasoning and justifications for your decisions? awesome.

I had to miss part of the talk because of a phonecall, but what I did get was quite interesting. very well presented, touching on all the important stuff. And since we're currently working on a huge REST project, some of it can be applied directly. Thanks