Deploy Anything, Control Everything, Scale Effortlessly: Deis


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Great tutorial. I really liked the web site that allowed us to follow along easily. No need to waste time trying to figure out typos.

Very practical hands-on workshop. Davey knows his stuff, was able to answer a myriad of questions from lots of folks, and was able to help sort out most of the common user-specific "problems" readily. Appreciated the follow-along resource, as it covered all the important details.

Presentation style was excellent. Well spoken, willing to assist, good material. Interesting to see the process unfold from start to end. Shows solid knowledge of the material.

On the downside, I could not follow it. I was confused during the transition from memcached container during demo to LAMP one. By the time I realized that was just a demo and was not meant to be followed, I could not adjust quickly enough to what is actually being worked on, because Dockerfile was frequently being closed. There was lots of time given to get AWS and Deis working because of loading time. Same amount of time should have been given to displaying Docker file on the screen so that everyone could adjust to what is being worked on and to package naming conventions for those who are used to other package managers other than Ubuntu. There should also not have been two different projects between demo and hands on sections to both avoid confusion, and awkward mental switch which was harder to do while trying to focus on new to me Docker technology. Actual configurations should also have been prepared ahead of time. There was a deis-docker-workshop in the git repository that looked like a great one to work on so not sure why had to come up with one on the spot. Extra jumping between configs also made it hard to understand what was intended to be followed and what was just demo to show results.

On the upside, Deis and AWS procedure was much more structured and easy to follow. Questions were answered well. Important points that official documenation may lack were pointed out where needed. I am glad to learn about 12factor deployment rules, which I will try to follow in the future. Good opportunity to evaluate container workflow for long time VM users.

Anonymous at 10:57 on 6 Nov 2015

Started with a good intro to docker, but the deis section was a confusing step-by-step without much explanation as to what each step was doing.

Would have been more valuable to move the theory of the 12-factor app earlier on as that would have given context to the *why* we're doing the deis stuff.

Anonymous at 20:50 on 8 Nov 2015

Davey was very knowledgeable about this topic and his slides were thorough and easy to follow along with. The only negative thing for me was that his demo was based on Linux so those of us with Windows computers couldn't follow along with him in the tutorial.

Davey's instructions ( are amazingly comprehensive and thorough; I kind of fell behind, but since the documentation is so good I can easily pick it up again on my own. I also thought he did a good job of being calm and rolling with it when people ran into technical problems (as inevitably happens). There was a lot of information packed into this tutorial, I feel like it could have just been Docker and I still would have thought it was worthwhile. I also liked that he started off with an outline of how much time he would spend on each section (X amount of time for Docker, Y amount of time to get Deis running, etc) and he stuck pretty close to that.

The 12 app methodology portion seemed a little bit tacked on at the end. By the time we got there my brain was kind of worn out so I didn't absorb it as well. You could probably leave it off and still have a cohesive presentation, or maybe move it up to the introduction as suggested by another reviewer.

Overall very helpful and useful!