Getting Your Message Out: Communicating with Your Customers


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Good content, excellent real world example. Wished there were both more details from experience and generalizations as lessons for everyone.

Great session. Seems like we are on the same wavelength at NCCU.

Good session with a good example. Had hoped to come away with something a bit more concrete like a checklist.

Good info and strategy

Great advice based in real examples. Very helpful!

Good strategies and approaches. Some we are using but others we can add - thank you!

Good clear presentation. Helpful ideas

It was good to hear what other universities are doing.

This was a great presentation. Clear concise communication is so important this presentation had it and explained how to achieve it.

Great presentation. Love the reminder not to forget to use "old ideas". Sometimes flyers are the best bet!

Great info on ways to disseminate information to the campus.