Henrietta Dinner Cruise


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This was a bunch of fun! I met new people, had great conversations, good food, and a fantastic evening to watch the shore and enjoy the tranquility of the river. Thanks to all those that have organized this whole event. It has been a great experience.

nice, relaxing event.

This kind of event always really makes an already great conference exceptional. Nothing short of magic.

When I saw the little dance floor and the sound system I thought it might have been nice to have some UNC Cause karaoke, but that might have turned tragic.

I had the bestest time! Best regards, The Grammar Police

Great event! Loved the Cupid shuffle.

Food was great, but beer selection was very subpar.

thank you for providing this special treat - very appreciated.

Good food, great ride on the Cape Fear.

a fun event. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.