How Do You Manage (to) and Lead Your Help Desk?


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An energetic discussion on the wide variety of support styles and the many common problems that come with them. Thank you for leaving so much time for discussion!

Awesome discussion!

Good group of presenters. Funny, lively discussion. Nice to see how helpdesks across Universities have the same issues and concerns and interesting to hear how creative some are in becoming more efficient and effective.

I definitely walked away with ideas for my university's help desk.

Found this session very helpful. Many ideas offered that could be useful on my campus.

I found this session very valuable by making me aware of how helpdesk support is offered across various campuses in the system. Sharing ideas and challenges adds greatly to the general body of information and provides opportunities for collaborative learning.

Loved hearing about other help desks and that ultimately we are all facing the same issues. Being there also helped me identify the other HelpDesk folks and it was a great way to start networking.

Very informative and excellent resources to take back to my own campus.