Where U At? Location-Based Services for Higher Education


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Informative, entertaining and now we need to get us some of that (location based services)

Great session, great content. I just installed foursquare on my phone!

Great talk. Gave all the reasons why I love location-based social media - hope it recruited some audience members. Can't wait to get the app at NCSU!

Really good session. Good overview (love your definition of LBS), and some great examples. I'm going to ask you to come back for a Part 2 session with Student Affairs!

Tim is a really good speaker and he's got some decent info, but I'm just not sold on the LBS concept.

Well-articulated and informational.

Loved Tim's presentation and delivery and left more persuaded than I had been before. But always worry when there is little or no mention of academics. How can LBS be used for academic events and classes, even research and extension efforts? Bring it back to the mission so it's not just more gratuitous connectivity or marketing distractions.