Covering your code with unit and/or integration tests is not just a sign of high standard of the development process, it's a confidence in the code quality and ability to quickly ensure application stability during framework updates or refactorings. Magento has contributed a lot to cover the framework with these types of tests and create toolkits for the ease of further coverage of custom functionality.
There are a lot of challenges and approaches around these tests. Let's gather to hear a great talk by Giancarlo and share our experiences, ideas or problems related to unit and integration testing.


6:30 PM - Unit and Integration Testing in Magento 2 by Giancarlo Peris from MonsoonConsulting.

A talk about Unit and Integration testing focused on the Magento 2 implementation with some tips/advice from a starter person point of view.

Sharing knowledge & experience

If you have a talk, we are more than welcome to hear from you, contact us to organize a slot!
Also, our meetups are held in unconference format, so we are always open to discuss any questions or problems you are experiencing and would like to share immediately at the meetup.
If you are struggling to resolve any problem or looking for advice related to Magento development or environment, feel free to bring your setup along and we will collectively make sure that we do our best to help you out!