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It was a good presentation, sorry I had to leave early.

It was informative and energetic like the comment above said. You seemed to do your homework on the inner workings of Zend_Tool and had a plethora of information to provide, but that also leads to a few problems.

I feel you spent too much time in the begining going over the manual and describing EVERYTHING about Zend_Tool. I recommend making it shorter and leaving more responsibility to the audience. Many of times you went off topic to help the audience better understand Zend Framework, which is good, but it took time away from the specific topic. Need to shorten the overall presentation in anticipation of audience questions.

- Trim Slides
- Less coverage of manual
- Save Zend Framework (MVC) questions for after presentation

Once again, great content and energy. I think the next time will be even better!

Huy Nguyen at 06:14 on 2 Feb 2010

Thanks for the great presentation. You were very energetic and enthusiastic about the topic.

There were some analogies you have made that helped to understand the Zend Tool model better, and I wished more analogies were used to help understand all of the other components of Zend Tool as well.

The presentation was a little long. The intro or overview to Zend Tool could have been quicker, and could have let the samples do more of the talking. There were times when I felt we spent too much time on a subject that was a tangent to Zend Framework and Zend Tool, like on Windows/Unix or Apache/PHP setup, but I suppose it would have been helpful to the few in the audience who have very little development experience.

In all, a very researched presentation and it seems to cover a lot of the bases. The presentation will help go a long way when I use Zend Tool and in knowing how to start. Thanks again for the great work.