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Symfony Belgium Meetup

Symfony Belgium Meetup


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The first official event organized by the new Belgium Symfony User Group


TALK Decoupling the Model from the Framework (19:30)
Matthias Verraes
Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Symfony with Vagrant and Ansible (20:30)
Jean-Christophe Cuvelier
Rating: 4 of 5 3

30.Jan.2014 at 14:12 by coudenysj (28 comments) (Feedback)

The event was good, the food and the beer were nice! Very cool location too!

I know it is because it is the first event, and talks/speakers are "hard" to find, but I would like it if the talks were more Symfony specific.

Maybe you can combine a Symfony specific talk with something more general PHP.

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