Talk comments

Thanks Tim for your great talk! Awesome!

Giulia Chiola at 17:51 on 29 Apr 2021

I loved it! I often wonder which stack technology was used to develop great websites or apps, thanks for showing us what you used :)

Great talk. I used Cypress before but it got better and better. Components testing is simply a great addition.

Igor Savin at 12:58 on 29 Apr 2021

Made me want to use Vite. Also thanks for showing some of the useful tricks you are using!

Igor Savin at 12:57 on 29 Apr 2021

Very practical and easy to understand, thank you!

Aurelija at 12:50 on 29 Apr 2021

I'm loving it!

Will certainly use Cypress in our projects

Giulia Chiola at 12:44 on 29 Apr 2021

Wow! I loved this talk! I already used Cypress in the past, but I'd like to improve my skills about it. Thanks Jessica, well done! :D