vueday 2022 is the 4th edition of the Vue conference, from the GrUSP Team - organizer of events like jsday.

Friday 18th November 2022

09:45 Visualize your State Management with XState
Talk by Maya Shavin (40 minutes)

Learn a new concept to start your developing process - advanced XState for complex State Management in Vue.js applications, and start building complex architecture!

10:25 A11Y with Vue - Can everyone reach your application?
Talk by Geiseany Domiciano Bispo de Almeida (40 minutes)

Most of the time while developing a Vue application developers tend to downprioritise both Testing and Accessibility. In the past few years developers got a bit better when it comes to testing, but still adding no focus towards Accessibility, usually because there is 'too much thinking' about learning, implementing and testing it. What if there was a nice way to develop accessible Vue applications? Would you be willing to do it? What about legislation related to Accessibility? Maybe there is a lot to learn, but it can be simpler if you know where to start with.

11:35 Reusable components: maintain clean code efficiently
Talk by Anna Vovchenko (40 minutes)

Reusable components perform a great job helping to speed up the development process, increase maintainability and improve code quality. Creating a reusable component that will solve these problems can be tricky. What is the right balance between specific and generic? When the component is abstract and composable enough? How to ensure consistency and follow design guidelines? In this talk, we’ll cover the anatomy and principles of reusable components, we’ll see them sparkling in a giant codebase, and evaluate their benefits. I’ll share how we keep our 1500 buttons consistent and maintainable across the giant codebase.

The !magic show: Taking a Vue at Web 3.
Talk by Sybren Willemot (40 minutes)

Let’s be amazed at how easy we can implement some Web 3 functionality with Vue 3. Don’t think Crypto token chilling, NFT’s,… but think of authentication magic. In this show, I will create a dApp in which the user can authenticate to a certain blockchain. Surprisingly, this can be completely anonymous. Some magic props and tools will be used like Vue 3, a Metamask wallet, and more. Since I'm not a real magician, I will explain how these tricks work so you can become a Web 3 magician yourself.

14:40 'I need it yesterday!' - The secret story of MDS 🌶️
Talk by Luca Iaconelli (40 minutes)

🔥 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... We started building our first Nuxt-JS project. This talk is a journey through the entire process that stand behind a millions-views website: design systems, sharing code, performance, best practices and problems with third party scripts and libraries.. And also, how could I forget my dear product-owner and its 'I need it yesterday' motivational slogan?! So, how FAR have we come today?

15:20 Images blast off at the speed of Jamstack!
Talk by Alba Silvente Fuentes (40 minutes)

All of us, at some point in our career as developers, have had a run-in with image performance. But now we have modern techniques at our disposal that will make us love images again. We'll see how an Image Service CDN and other performance optimization techniques, such as responsive images, sizing attributes, lazy loading, and nice placeholders, will allow us to improve the UX and performance in a very easy way. How? By creating an image gallery made with Nuxt 3 and a headless CMS, allowing us to experience the functionalities of a powerful integrated Image Transformation API and Editor, and creating an image Vue component that can be used in any situation.

Large Scale Nuxt Architecture
Talk by Fotis Adamakis (40 minutes)

Writing scalable and easy-to-maintain software is hard. Nuxt architecture follows best practices and provides many utilities to help and protect us from common pitfalls. In this session we will explore how big nuxt codebases differ from smaller ones, discuss unique problems you should expect and how to solve them. This will enable you to improve the architecture of your application and build better and cleaner software that everyone will enjoy working with.

17:10 Is it time to migrate to Vue 3?
Talk by Denny Biasiolli (40 minutes)

Are you eager to migrate your entire codebase to Vue 3 and composition API? Before starting the long journey away from Vue 2.6 you should consider a few intermediate steps: - compatibility with your dependencies - tests - maintainability - consider a step-by-step migration passing trough Vue 2.7 - what about the Vite/Vitest ecosystem?