Talk comments

Cote Dazur at 12:03 on 13 Nov 2023

Lighthouse topic is interesting, but you soft skills need improvement - no need to make "Mexican waves" and other stupid jokes - this is IT day but not circus ;)

Cote Dazur at 11:58 on 13 Nov 2023

It seems like advertisment of your project :(

Idea and realisation of visualizing complex data with a Kubernetes cluster dashboard was brilliant!

Erik D'Ercole at 15:13 on 10 Nov 2023

Sorry, but it was boring. Not the argument, nor the code part, but the exposition: you shouldn't read in front of an audience.

Not bad actually, the code part was more interesting 🤩

Excellent information provided!

Appreciated the knowledge and passion transpiring from the talk.