MySQL is a major leap forward from the very popular MySQL 5.7! A true data dictionary provides atomic DDL and allows millions of tables in a schema. Common Table Expressions and Windowing Functions make it much easier to write complex queries and provide analytics. Add in roles, invisible indexes, histograms to improve the performance of secondary indexes, three dimensional graphical information support, and much more provide a robust, secure data store for your projects. Plus find out what happened to MySQL 6 and MySQL 7.


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Joseph Lavin at 15:13 on 20 Sep 2018

lot's of new features!

Aimee Doggett at 11:08 on 21 Sep 2018

Appreciate the information on the JSON data type, very exciting!

Lance at 10:59 on 25 Sep 2018

This talk sorta blew my mind. It was very fast and technical, but the final example of tying the three new concepts together was pretty amazing.