Hey developers,

WeAreDevelopers Live is a free virtual event series with tech talks, coding sessions, and workshops about building great software - delivered by proven experts and developers from the community.

We continue hosting online events for our developer community and they are thirsty for new and interesting content! We are talking about dev talks and live coding!

We are excited to invite you to share your knowledge and experience with the community πŸ”ˆ.

Take the opportunity to show your passion for code and speak your mind about programming, coding trends, technologies, tools, and the challenges of tomorrow in software development.

We want to give the (virtual) stage to you!

Our "speaker hall of fame" πŸ† features some of the most well-known like Steve Wozniak, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, John and Brenda Romero, Cassie Kozyrkov, Bjarne Stroustrup, Joel Spolsky, Angie Jones, HΓ₯kon Wium Lie, Rasmus Lerdorf, Tanmay Bakshi, Tanya Janca, and many more – become one of them!


πŸ†• DATES & TOPICS 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ you can apply πŸ’»πŸ“


πŸ—“ 18 Jan 2023 πŸ‘‰ Java Day

πŸ—“ 01 Feb 2023 πŸ‘‰ Vue Day

πŸ—“ 15 Feb 2023 πŸ‘‰ DevOps Day

πŸ—“ 08 Mar 2023 πŸ‘‰ Women in Tech Day

πŸ—“ 15 Mar 2023 πŸ‘‰ Mobile Day

πŸ—“ 29 Mar 2023 πŸ‘‰ Climate & Sustainability Day

πŸ—“ 05 Apr 2023 πŸ‘‰ Python Day

πŸ—“ 12 Apr 2023 πŸ‘‰ .Net Day

πŸ—“ 26 Apr 2023 πŸ‘‰ Security Day

πŸ—“ 10 May 2023 πŸ‘‰ Student Day

πŸ—“ 24 May 2023 πŸ‘‰ Web3 Day

πŸ—“ 31 May 2023 πŸ‘‰ Machine Learning Day

πŸ—“ 07 Jun 2023 πŸ‘‰ Cloud Day

Whether you are an experienced speaker or a first-time submitter, we want to hear your idea! So, just take the chance to submit your proposal - everyone has to start somewhere.