Agility and Quality


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Sebastian presented an interesting take on a view of quality integrated with agile. I found a few topics interesting, such as dark-launching, the pyramids and quadrant of various test types and their profiles. I also appreciate stressing that development and testing need to be one and the same. Suggestion: perhaps discuss how team members from a more traditional testing background or those with more a testing-bent ("how can I break this app?") can best contribute to the quality of the product.

This was a great talk on how to balance quality in an agile setting, with plenty of specific tips that could benefit a lot of companies and teams out there.

During Q&A, a real world client example was mentioned by Sebastian. Given that the talk ran a little bit short, I would have really loved to hear more real, first-hand client cases / stories where some of the things that were discussed had been successfully implemented (rather than just "yeah (Facebook|Etsy|Twitter) does this, read their blogs".

Some aspects of the talk were quite interesting. I didn't know about the code patterns that complement agile development.