Automated Deployment: From Jenkins To Production


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Arne and Sebastian presented a straightforward approach of leveraging Jenkins to automate a raft of useful PHP "build" tasks, such as running tests, lint, mess-detection, copy-paste detection, and documentation generation. Extending that to the creation of RPMs via spec files, one could see how easy it would be to generate production-ready builds. They had a good rapport and engaged the audience with their questions. Personally, I wanted to hear more about the production deployment side of things, as I'm already using Jenkins to do our builds.

I liked getting the whole run down on what Jenkins could do, as well as learning about a large variety of tools that would be useful to run on my code. I felt like there wasn't quite enough depth on the production portion. It wasn't until the end of the talk that I realized why they were fussing about with RPMs.

There was a lot of helpful information in this talk. I've never built RPMs before, but it seems like it could be a good solution based on this presentation.