Event Website: https://2020.websummercamp.com/

Call for Papers: Closed.

Spend the last days of summer immersed in hands-on and engaging web-oriented workshops. After 6 excellent years in Rovinj, #websc is coming home! Bol, Island of Brač is our setting for summer 2020.

We would love for you to hold a hands-on or an engaging workshop at our conference.

This year, we look for workshops for 3 tracks – PHP, Symfony, JavaScript – so our areas of interest include:

- __PHP__: BDD/TDD, Software Architecture, AI/ML, Patterns, Best Practices, Middleware, PHP internals, Schema Design, etc
- __Symfony__: Components, Best Practices, Advanced topics, Apps/tools like eZ Platform or Sylius, Caching, etc
- __Javascript__: PWA, Service Workers, React, Vue, AI/ML, Testing, Patterns, Best Practices, Performance, etc

If one of these subjects hit the spot and you have a non-beginner 3-hour (half-day) or 6-hour (full-day) workshop in mind, [send us your idea](https://sessionize.com/web-summer-camp-2020/) by __31 March 2020.__

We are preparing an exciting __companions__ programme as well so this could be an excellent opportunity for you and your companion to take a few days off and explore magnificent Dalmatia.

Web Summer Camp is not just about workshops, although they are the core part. Hang out with fellow web professionals in an informal between- and after-workshops setting with fine food and drinks involved.

Join us for the last days of summer in the enchanting town of Bol, Croatia famous for its Zlatni rat beach. Check out our [Travel](https://2020.websummercamp.com/travel) and [Location](https://2020.websummercamp.com/location) pages for more information.

See you in August ;-)