How to build a website that will (eventually) work on Mars?


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Nela Dunato at 08:47 on 29 Oct 2016

Interesting topic and a funny presentation. I've enjoyed it even though I'm not a developer.

Andy Martin at 14:00 on 29 Oct 2016

A humorous and insightful talk on the future of human communication.

Igor Benic at 00:09 on 30 Oct 2016

I thought that this talk would really show some cool ways to get the performance of your web to the next level. But this talk was not about it. It was about ideas on how to use other technologies like WebRTC and other serverless stuff we can use even today.

I was surprised in a good way and laughed a lot:)

Dario Daic at 14:32 on 30 Oct 2016

Creative choice of the topic. Some thought provoking stuff presented in a very entertaining way.
The best choice for the last talk in the day when most of the people are not as fresh.

Saša Jurić at 14:38 on 31 Oct 2016

Very entertaining talk with a bunch of interesting techs mentioned. Perfect closure of the day.