What's the fuss about Phoenix?


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Great knowledge.

Best talk on the conference so far

Jan Bzik at 16:18 on 29 Oct 2016

Best talk on the conference!

Excellent talk!

Mario Krišto at 00:52 on 30 Oct 2016

Epic presentation and superhuman ability to do a live demo & coding all while talking without hesitation and insecurities.

I wished I could have seen the examples of interaction and / or embedding of a 3rd party module (different language, runtime, service or whatnot)

Dario Daic at 14:01 on 30 Oct 2016

Tempo of the talk was very fast but the speaker's audibility, expressiveness and good english made it really easy to follow. Live demo + coding + mastery of the subject is always a win in my book.
Also, answers after the talk were clear and unequivocal.
Personal favorite, great stuff!

Ajda Mari? at 15:29 on 30 Oct 2016


Marco Perone at 16:46 on 30 Oct 2016

Really interesting topic. Great skills from the speacker for speaking at such a speed while being still very clear

Miro Svrtan at 22:35 on 30 Oct 2016

Amazing talk. Amazing speaker.

He was speaking so fast (but very clear & understandable) that I didn't have time to post on Twitter how amazing the talk is not to loose a second of attention.

And giving away books to help people with getting on Elixir train was a nice touch.

Luka Kladaric at 19:35 on 31 Oct 2016

Incredible talk packed with demos and both theoretical and practical information. Great delivery, well rehearsed and timed. This talk should be a case study on well executed tech talks. Giving away books and e-books to people who asked questions is a really nice touch.

Utterly professional.

Srdjan Vranac at 15:48 on 1 Nov 2016

Every time after your talks I need a day or two to digest and process all the info you presented... Every damn time.
Thank you for that!

Saša Jurić (Speaker) at 19:27 on 1 Nov 2016

@Mario I've blogged about integrating code written in another language at http://theerlangelist.com/article/outside_elixir
For running in-process C code take a look at http://andrealeopardi.com/posts/using-c-from-elixir-with-nifs/