How does communication work? How can we break it down into segments or steps? What problems occur in each "step"? How to fix this?


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Interesting, funny, informative and educational approach to often overlooked aspect of every project. Like :)

Miro Svrtan at 00:00 on 7 Oct 2017

Very interesting subject, especially something that is a big issue in the developer community due to our 'inherited' asocial aspect of life.

I felt some things were "over-communicated" (mentioned multiple times), not as a part of a plan (and I do like the overcommunication pattern) but due to lack of preparation or being nervous talking in front of 400 ppl.

Communication being am integral part of remote teams and myself being a part of one such team made this talk one of the best ones of the day. Speaker is versed in the topic and I think he covered all important aspects in 20 minutes. ?

Davor Tomic at 10:06 on 8 Oct 2017

Very solid talk! Sadly, nothing was really said about *debugging* communication. Mario spoke rather about principles and best practices for communicating, made some very good points and followed up with usable advice.

Saša Jurić at 23:08 on 8 Oct 2017

Very nice talk with a lot of practical advices. Good delivery and a right pace. Even though it was the last talk of the day, I had no problem following it.