Unlimited beer by Nova Runda, sponsored by NSoft.


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First I had to wait like 1 hour to my first craft beer. But then it was ok again =) The beer was really good and craft beer guy looked amazing :-) Thx a lot for the beer and the possibility talk with other right after the last talk in venue. I always love it when that is possible.

Every year the same story. There is a huge queue in the beginning and after 30min it clears up. Perhaps the beer pouring should be done further in the back of the room and at least three people should do it in the first 30min, afterward two or one people could handle it.

But the beer was great. And this is a minor complaint, don't take it to heart.

Antonio Peric at 19:01 on 8 Oct 2017

Nova Runda

Saša Jurić at 23:11 on 8 Oct 2017

The initial queue was a bit sucky, but it cleared up quickly enough, and there was no problems getting a quick refill after that. Maybe order more pies next time :-)