How does one test solutions for satellite ground stations without launching a satellite? Eavesdrop on existing ones!


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Janko Marohnic at 13:26 on 6 Oct 2017

Great reminder to connect more with what we do.

Željko Brkić at 14:53 on 6 Oct 2017


Nicely presented and very interesting.


Interesting and fun

At the beginning I thought, omg a sponsored talk again and from the start I was missing some passion. But then it turned out into a really nice talk about and a great story. Thx a lot for sharing!

Emil Nahal at 01:17 on 8 Oct 2017


Saša Jurić at 22:39 on 8 Oct 2017

Very interesting story, really good delivery, with a touch of inspiration. Would love to hear an extended version.

Josip Stuhli at 09:34 on 10 Oct 2017

Interesting talk

Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević (Speaker) at 11:08 on 10 Oct 2017

Thank you for all the nice feedback, everyone! :-)

Iva Biuk at 11:24 on 10 Oct 2017