This workshop aims to improve your Elixir onboarding experience, by walking you through an implementation of a simple, real-world resembling web-facing system, and explaining various features of the language and the runtime along the way.


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Miro Svrtan at 13:18 on 5 Oct 2017

Great workshop!

Speaker was clear, not to slow not to fast to talk, ready to answer any question (and there were sooo many), just a joy to be on the workshop.

I would like to see it as a hands on one too, I presume it would take like 2 full days but it would for sure save interested ppl much more time by getting onboard quickly. Keep up the good work Sasa!

Would highly recommend to anybody remotely interested in Elixir.

Though it wasn't a hands-on workshop the speaker is extremely knowlegable and the presentation eases the listeners into the world of Elixir, starting with the basics, working towards concurrency and finally covering the web aspect of the language. Really loved the easy, step-by-step code example that include rookie mistakes.

I don't have any complaints regarding this workshop.

tomaz bracic at 14:13 on 9 Oct 2017

Great workshop! Despite the fact that was not hands-on, the overall feedback is - great job Sasa!

If only there would be more workshops like this in this region.