How do we support new employee’s progress with “in house” literature guide and reading encouraged culture.


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Mihael Tomic at 15:24 on 7 Oct 2017

Great overview of career path and helpful library minus5 created and made public

Petar Šlat at 15:25 on 7 Oct 2017

Nice talk

Sven Kapudija at 22:50 on 7 Oct 2017

Overall great recommendations regarding the reading list for junior/intermediate developers, but I feel it simply stopped there and didn't expand much further. Since it was implemented (reading strategy) just recently, I believe 2 weeks ago, there was no data to back it up or invalidate the proposed solution which was something I was particularly interested in. I believe that the next presentation with same topic will be much better with some feedback data to work upon and draw some conclusions.

Interesting talk that felt too short. Also, not enough data to support the approach, which is understandable since the whole library thing is implemented 2 weeks ago, but still - I would preferred more reasoning for choosing this approach, and also how they imagined it working IRL.

Nice talk but not the right one for me. Im not a fan of the strict distinction of employees but maybe a personal thing. I also would have love to hear more about some results and findings from the strategies. But great for her first talk.

Saša Jurić at 23:36 on 8 Oct 2017

Nicely delivered talk on a career path and recommended reading. Looking forward to hear about the lessons learned after the company gathers more data.