An introduction to Genetic Algorithms, and how they can be used to "evolve" code rather than having a person write it.


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Interesting. Maybe talking too quick.

Željko Brkić at 12:22 on 6 Oct 2017

Better explanation of demonstration needed.

Great topic

Janko Marohnic at 13:09 on 6 Oct 2017

I didn’t understand anything. Important points weren’t emphasized, so I missed them and there wasn’t anything for me to hold on to.

I had difficulty understanding the speaker. The examples were difficult to follow, should have been explained better. Had potential though.

Really like the talk and the topic. I just had sometimes problems to follow what is happening. Especially with the running demos. Still very interesting.

Saša Jurić at 22:36 on 8 Oct 2017

I liked the demos, but I think that the delivery was somewhat rushed and I feel that the material lacked substance.