ES+CQRS is a different architectural design than MVC/CRUD, this is not an intro to the subject but stories from the trenches


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Janko Marohnic at 13:12 on 6 Oct 2017

Great talk, explained with very simple language and clear examples. It managed to bring this topic much closer to me.

Stjepan Majdak at 13:42 on 6 Oct 2017

Interesting talk!

A quick introduction to event sourcing would have been useful. I was clueless about “aggregate root”.

Miro Svrtan (Speaker) at 23:48 on 6 Oct 2017

Hi Kristijan,

It's totally understandable, if you are not familiar with EventSourcing & CQRS, lots of used terms might not be easily understandable. This was marked as an advanced talk, it was already shortened to fit the current slot and this was not an introduction to DDD or ES+CQRS talk, but a talk about my experiences using it. As a speaker, I'm sorry I didn't properly manage expectations at the beginning, stating clearly needed prerequisites for clearer understanding of all the mentioned concepts and I will for sure work on improving this.

If you are interested in exploring some of the unclear terms, there are lots of videos on youtube & blog posts from people much more qualified than me explaining the aggregates & aggregate roots, sagas/process managers, event driven systems, command handler and event listener patterns.

Thank you for the clear feedback!

I really like the talk. I had a vague idea what CQRS and ES are when I entered the room, now I'm fully aware of its benefits and downsides.

Miro, has a great presentational style. He's slow and steady and oozes with confidence when he speaks which makes the talk not only interesting to listen to but also easy to understand.

Antonio Peric at 18:55 on 8 Oct 2017

Very good talk with best intruduction ever about ES and CQRS - clear and to the point. Great examples and advices, but hard to understand everything if you are not in ES and CQRS.

Saša Jurić at 22:37 on 8 Oct 2017

Pretty good "from the trenches" story with a bunch of practical tips.

As Kristijan already said, a quick introduction would have been helpful. I wasn't aware that this was an advanced talk and even though I have read up on Eventsourcing briefly, I wasn't able to follow all the time.

But even with this in mind, the topic was covered in a good and interesting way. I liked that you pointed out problems as well and not sold Eventsourcing/CQRS as a silver bullet. It was also interesting to see that you didn't go into details on which technologies to use but only stick to the idea and how to use it.

Josip Stuhli at 09:35 on 10 Oct 2017