It can be hard NOT to build SPAs these days. Having to deal with SPA security though, may make you reconsider. Don't. There is a way!


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It was ok.

Basic examples from a JWT documentation, but I like the twist with superheroes.

Presenter was great, really fluent and easy to follow.

I just wish there was something more to the token handling, like a real life example how to handle it, or some problems that appear related to the JWT handling life cycle.

Solid intro into the topic.
Examples could use some work, especially ones that show how the token travels and it's verification.
At times it felt a bit like a sell bid.

Saša Jurić at 16:48 on 11 Oct 2018

It was a solid intro to the subject, with good delivery at a nice pace, but I found it a bit too basic and underwhelming.