The pros and cons of managing your own containers versus letting serverless do it for you - Explained with a simple Node.js app.


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Pim Elshoff at 17:26 on 5 Oct 2018

Expectations met and delivered very calmly. Bit of dry humor sprinkled on top for a nice bonus!

Very nicely explained.

zeljko mikic at 20:34 on 5 Oct 2018

Well explained, calmly and knowlegable about the latest changes in different platforms for serverless services.

Great talk

The speaker explained the use-case for containers and functions well.
The talk was interesting to the end, my only complaint is that it felt like it was drawn out. I'd suggest speaking just a bit faster, but this didn't diminish the total experience.

Doug Sillars at 01:13 on 8 Oct 2018

Great talk. it is great to get an idea of the pros/cons of containers/serverless from an expert. I also liked that it was not pitching one over the other, but fairly showed the pros/cons of each.

As someone who hasn't known the difference between serverless & containerized up until that talk, I must say it was perfectly aimed at me. I did like the pace, it gave me enough time to pay attention to the slides as well as ingesting the information I just gathered. The contents where well chosen for the 25 minute time slot.

Great talk with useful guidelines on decision making process for containers vs serverless. Easy to follow speaker and casual presentation.

Saša Jurić at 16:50 on 11 Oct 2018

Nice talk, though perhaps a bit too slow and basic for my taste, which is the only reason why I'm giving it four stars.