Super-charge your single-page application with proper concurrency! A thorough review of both popular and unorthodox approaches.


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Nice talk, but I felt like I was watching some video at 200% speed. We can see she has a lot of knowledge and ideas to share, but she was hard to catch.

Marko Benko at 15:38 on 6 Oct 2018

It was fun!

Adnan Rahic at 16:47 on 6 Oct 2018

An incredible amount of content in a short amount of time. But, I'm a JavaScript fanboy, so I loved it to bits!

zeljko mikic at 18:21 on 6 Oct 2018

Interesting talk. But far too little time to explain it all in 25 mins, so the pace was rather dramatic.

Ivan Habunek at 18:40 on 7 Oct 2018

I would give this talk five stars on content, but only three stars on presentation.

In my opinion the following major improvements can be made:

* Slow down the pace, people are having a hard time keeping up, even those with good technical and English language skills. This should probably have been a 40 minute talk.
* Work on your pronunciation, pacing, body language. Maybe join your local Toastmasters?

The content, on the other hand was excellent, and this is one of the most interesting talks I've seen on the conference. Fun, insightful and useful. Keep on rocking!

Ante Tomić at 19:15 on 7 Oct 2018

Nice and useful talk, topic was very useful, but pace was way too quick, I couldn't catch half of things.

Doug Sillars at 01:15 on 8 Oct 2018

Fast paced, but lots of neat demos of running content off the main thread.

Awesome examples and theme!

Speaker was a little too fast paced what made following real hard if you are hearing first time about web workers. When the video comes out, I will listen it at 80% speed, which will make it perfect!

Saša Jurić at 17:02 on 11 Oct 2018

Possibly one of the most technical talks of the events, packed with a lot of interesting information, and good demos. On the flip side, the talk was delivered at a very quick pace, which made it hard to follow. While I actually prefer fast-paced talks, but I had problems following this one. I think this would probably work better in a 45min format.