Learn how to develop your own arcade game in the browser and unleash your programming creativity!


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Great walk through of game development inside browser with real case study. Finally some real code was shown. Marco's passion also contributed to great talk.

zeljko mikic at 17:31 on 6 Oct 2018

Great atmosphere during the talk, the enthousiasm really is contagious!

Entertaining, lighthearted, and educational. The speaker's enthusiasm was palpable, and his passion for the craft really shone through.

The speaker kept a light mood during the whole talk, which is more of a live-coding session.
I really enjoyed it, it was funny, informative and fun.
Great work Marco!

Adnan Rahic at 18:59 on 7 Oct 2018

Marco was amazing. The talk was more like a half-hour long live-coding session. I absolutely loved it!

Awesome talk!

Great introduction to game development. What would make this talk legendary would be live coding of the same game. I feel it could be fitted without a problem in provided time span, with explanations :D

Saša Jurić at 17:11 on 11 Oct 2018

Fantastic talk, one of my favorites of the entire event! The topic was very interesting, the talk was well structured, and the speaker was very enthusiastic.

Tomo Šala at 23:49 on 25 Oct 2018

Very interesting with actual live code examples - Marco programmed a very simple but playable game right on stage, explaining the concepts and physics of the things he was building.