Testing begins even before a single line of code is written. This talk will show you why, and how.


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Divandan at 18:15 on 11 Oct 2019

Interesantno !

Ante Tomić at 21:16 on 11 Oct 2019

Great topic, interesting examples and everything was presented really well, great job!

Great and interesting talk, made me think about my future approach in testing.

Matea Tomic at 11:44 on 13 Oct 2019

Very interesting topic and the way she presented it made it really easy to follow and to understand. Well done!

Pim Elshoff at 13:20 on 14 Oct 2019

Good content presented well. Very relevant subject for any developer!

Saša Jurić at 16:12 on 14 Oct 2019

This was a very good talk, especially for a first-timer. The topic was presented in a clear and understandable way, with a good pacing.