How to parse a language without using regexes :-)


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Orest Kulik at 19:25 on 12 Oct 2019

Very nice! It would be almost entertaining if it wasn't for the neck-breaking tempo.

Vedran Rodić at 13:31 on 14 Oct 2019

It was a bit too fast for my level of understanding parser combinators.

Fast paced but very interesting.

Brian Cleary at 23:11 on 26 Nov 2019

Exactly the talk I needed to grok parser combinators. Good showcase for Elixir. I wish it'd gone a little into the distinction he meant for lexer vs parser when using parser combinators (i.e. how much of the grammar ends up in the lexer), but otherwise fantastic. 1.75x was a good playback speed for those who like to keep things moving.