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Topic is very relevant, plenty of actionable advise, presentation profesional. Worthy of the keynote.

Great speaker, really relevant topic and fresh approach.
I hope to see Merlin on Dump Days 2020 since community and audience there would really enjoy this or similar topic :)

Excellent talk and even better speaker. Great to hear advices based on years of targeted personal growth.

Ivan Čurić at 12:42 on 11 Oct 2019

A super relevant topic, brilliantly presented

Ilija Vuk at 19:29 on 11 Oct 2019

Great talk and a very interesting topic

Ante Tomić at 21:09 on 11 Oct 2019

Great keynote, very actual topic and interesting presentation :)

Orest Kulik at 20:18 on 12 Oct 2019

Nice, a good number of very usable advice.

Great keynote with plenty of actionable advice. Professional presentation.

Well prepared and presented.

Irja Straus at 16:14 on 13 Oct 2019

Great and inspiring keynote with a lot of great resources to learn from. I loved it!

Pim Elshoff at 13:14 on 14 Oct 2019

Great content and very well presented. I especially enjoyed that it was personally relevant to the speaker. The choice to put this keynote first was good too, because it provides a very relevant mindset to attend a conference with.

Vedran Rodić at 13:33 on 14 Oct 2019

Got a nice reading list :)

Saša Jurić at 15:56 on 14 Oct 2019

Very important topic, relevant to everyone in the audience, and presented in a great way.

Great talk, interesting topic and a lot of actionable advices with recommended books.

Great and inspiring talk