What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Anonymous at 11:06 on 21 May 2012

Rafal mentioned that I should sign before comments. I just hate to leave my credentials all around the web, so sorry for that. I love to be anonymous :)

I must say I enjoyed this conference. We had great presentations and ones where all of us was sleeping.
But the most important thing for me was what Leszek said at day one. This is for showing that we have great developers and Poland. And we do.

And I was really happy that something finally happened in Szczecin. City is great, we have great developers here, we just need more events like WebClusters to prove it.

I'll attend WC2013 thats for sure. And maybe you guys can do something more often? :)
Kudos to organizers!