Essential Node.js For Web Developers


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Good basic guide, Actually useful to see some real world uses. Would be nice to know if the examples were online anywhere?

Ditto the above. Messed around with node in the past but seeing some real world example was really useful. Well presented.

Thanks for the feedback. The source code for the talk is posted on github:

Very much enjoyed this talk. Never had an opportunity to look at Node, despite hearing lots of pros and cons about it. A nice gentle introduction, aided with some working examples is always nice - good work Mike!

Good introduction to Node.js. It made me want to try Node.js.

Good introduction to Node.js. Very honest on his knowledge and it definitely make me more curious about node.

Anonymous at 16:29 on 16 Apr 2012

This was a good introduction to node but nothing I didn't already know from my own experiments with it. Still, it would be very churlish of me to hold this against the talk which was well delivered.

Accessible, straight-forward, and entertaining. The code examples worked and worked well. Showed off how simple it is to dive in and start experimenting, so thanks for the motivation.

Loved seeing Mike talk, an expert from another field is always a breath of fresh air. I am doing some node.js but it was very reassuring to hear the stories from someone ahead of me on the path and still encountering some of the same issues. The sample code illustrated the points very nicely although the font size was much too small IMO. I'm not sure how much I learned, or how much someone without any node experience would have got from the session however.