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Good overview of what Open Street Map is and what you can do with the data.

Really enjoyed it. Maybe a small section on running tile servers would be a good addition. Would also be interesting to how to set up the mongodb harvesting. But I guess that is a different talk. Overall the content was good and gave a great overview, presented well.

Really great talk on Open Street Map, a nice overview of the topic. And, I got inspired to map a remote place - So that's success! Presented well with good points :)

Anonymous at 15:42 on 14 Apr 2012

Really enjoyed both the overview of the open street map project and the practicalities of gathering the data required. A good balance of the technical and the social aspects of this data set

Anonymous at 11:11 on 16 Apr 2012

I did not manage to get the slide link down from the last slide, is there any chance that could be added here?

I've added the link to the event.

Great talk from Derek, a little ard to hear but I think that was more down to the AV and the venue than anything else. He was also very helpful during the hack day..

WT: "I need to bore you about Open Street Map with a few questions..."
DR: "It's not possible to bore me about Open Street Map, go ahead :)"

Thanks for the slide link, really enjoyed the talk, enthusiastic and fluent! Thank you for the insight.