Debugging HTTP


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Great talk. Loved the demos. Liked the pace of the talk and the quality of the tools discussed.

Excellent talk, great demo's showing how to debug HTTP. Material was presented in exactly the right way to be able to follow the information and even keep some notes.

The material and demos were spot on, the delivery was excellent, if you have a chance do not miss this talk.

The demos were well judged. The talk was an excellent mixture of "elephant in the room" debugging techniques, specific tools and how it all fits together.

Engaging and useful tips. Great demos.

Very nicely presented just as the REST talk the day before, with nice demos.

Loved the prerecord videos. So much better than a talk filled with live demos as it allowed to much though the points why more quickly and a steady pace.

Should I ever need to make a complex life demo at some I'll adapt this way over trying to do it live.